Gold Chains Straight From Your Radio

Gold Chains (aka Topher Lafata) brings a whole new element to laptop rock. While the majority of it can be as boring as bread and water, Gold Chains stirs things up with ass-shaking fat beats and a potty mouth full of rhymes. His second EP, Straight From Your Radio, is five songs that will both offend and get people dancing at the same time. The title track showcases his interest in both interference and dancehall beats - imagine Beenie Man collaborating with Kid 606 and you're almost there. The most in your face track, "I Treat Your Cootchie Like A Maze," is even more brash than the title suggests. With its techno backing, it's the aggressive pervert's anthem of the year. Most entertaining of all is the treatment he gives Samhain's "Human Pony Girl." Accompanied by the vixen-ish vocals of White Devil, the track is a faithful electro homage that should make Glenn Danzig not kill him. For those who haven't jumped on the Gold Chains bandwagon yet, here's your chance to experience his gift of gabbing dirty before he reaches Eminem's status with his upcoming debut full-length. (Tigerbeat6)