GoGoGo Airheart ExitheUXA

On their fourth album, San Diego's GoGoGo Airheart has managed to create one of the more refreshing and diverse assortment of songs this year. Recorded this past winter, ExitheUXA never focuses on one sound, moving back and forth between brash post-punk and experimental bits of no wave. At times it even teeters along the boundaries of straight-ahead melodic rock, but this definitely isn't anything made for radio, as with most GSL releases, ExitheUXA is fantastically out there and different. "Nice Up The Dance" plays around with Latin-flavoured horns providing a nice romantic aura that is set up to crash and burn when the Stooges inhabit the quartet during the next song, "The Depression." And other tracks like "Sit And Stare" and "When The Flesh Hits" are filled with plenty of energy, with the former matching the garage sounds of a band like Mooney Suzuki, and the latter travelling back a few decades to make the golden age of disco a little dirtier. GoGoGo Airheart is an exciting band that has made an album that defies limits, which is a unique find. (Gold Standard Laboratories)