Gods and Queens Nearly Killed in Van Crash

Gods and Queens Nearly Killed in Van Crash
Philadelphia noiseniks Gods and Queens suffered a major scare in Europe when their van flipped somewhere on a Czech Republic highway over the weekend. The band had been en route from a gig in Graz, Austria, and Dresden, Germany, when their vehicle skidded off the road unexpectedly.

"I was asleep in the back of the van, so I'm unsure of what exactly happened," frontman Jamie Getz wrote in a statement. "All I know is I felt the van skidding out and we started to slide and roll over. Not sure exactly how many times the van flipped but it was more than enough. I started screaming for everyone to tell me they were okay."

While all of Gods and Queens and their road crew survived the accident, Getz was seriously confused and terrified by being awoken by the wreck, and was initially unsure about the safety of his bandmates.

"Ben [Roydson, bassist] pulled me out through the windshield and I took off running, screaming for help with blood pouring down my face. I honestly though Jeff [Ziga, drummer] was dead. A car stopped and a slew of women started screaming at me and I was screaming at them. We were in the middle of nowhere and as I was running two things came to mind, I think Jeff is dead, and I hope I don´t get shot like Artimus Pyle."

After being taken to hospital for some broken bones and other injuries, police informed the band that they needed to pay their medical bills ASAP, which Getz explained meant that the authorities guided them to a nearby ATM for the cash. The band coughed up over 3,000 euros ($4,140 Canadian), cancelled the rest of their tour, and are now resting in Germany and Belgium.

Needless to say, their expenditures have been raised considerably, so Gods and Queens are looking for fans to help them out by purchasing any of their records on Bandcamp. Their latest untitled full-length is going for a meager $1.99.

"After all these years of touring in unsafe vans, and doing stupid things, I guess I was overdue for this," Getz wrote.

You can check the full statement here.