Godhead 2000 Years of Human Error

So, here's the latest in a long line of bullshit, phoney, post-glam, post-grunge, bandwagon hopping motherfuckers with dollar signs glowing repulsively in their eyes, forcing out that "anger" to get a slot at Ozzfest and a place on Roadrunner Records. Yes, a good percentage of the buying populace are morons, we allow total hogwash to dominate the charts and we turn no-brainer soft rockers into millionaires while we slave away at shitty jobs to make enough money to buy their over-priced CDs. But I like to think those of us in the metal world are here for some reason or another relating to not wanting to be part of that world, having a bit more intelligence than the average fuck up. So, therefore, and stay with me here, I like to think we can smell a phoney from a safe distance. I would like to think that shit like this won't sell one copy, with metal-heads realising this third-rate cloning is too much for anyone to take seriously. I hope I'm right and that all these bands go into serious debt for all these lame, over-produced documentations of grown men doing really embarrassing things to make a quick buck. Godhead go for that Spineshank-y school of light electronica meets hard grooves, which is just boring and plastic sounding. Maybe I'm wrong, but from the vibe this disc lets off, I wouldn't really call this the work of humans making music for any sort of emotional or creative purposes. (Priority)