Gnaw Their Tongues An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood

"My Body is Not a Vessel, Nor a Temple. It Is A Repulsive Pile of Sickness.” If such a song title doesn’t either pique your interest or turn you away, nothing will. Taking the sloppy, deranged blackened noise of early Abruptum well and truly to the next level, Gnaw Their Tongues keep things surprisingly varied, incorporating diverse instrumentation and a soundtrack aesthetic similar to Goblin. Fans of Xasthur and Leviathan who aren’t opposed to something lacking in conventional structure will find the torturous atmosphere appealing, while those leaning more towards Southern Lord style experimental drone may even find this a little much. The record is too abrasive and jarring to truly be ambient, and the subtle shifts in texture along with the fiendish vocal presence keep the listener involved without ever compromising the overall oppressiveness. As such, the only real complaint is that the group’s goal is accomplished too effectively — this is disturbing music for those with strong stomachs. (Crucial Blast)