Glyder Glyder

Moody and atmospheric, Glyder successfully bridge the gap between Black Sabbath’s gloomy mysticism and the Sword’s, well, obvious penchant for it. They do, however, manage to pare things down a bit. The songs feel slightly less epic, proving to be somewhat forthright despite the fact that this melancholy branch of mildly boogie, always bleak metal calls for more. Throwing in subtle hints of a taste for basic AC/DC rhythmic structures, the songs plug forth with an uncompromising determination that only blinders could provide. Moderately upbeat while still being lofty, reverberating and spacey, the inescapable ’70s vibe also allows for a strong influx of that decade’s finest, including fellow Irish groovers Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin and more. Simple yet full of effective dynamics, this is an impressive release, more so for a band not quite over their first anniversary. As Glyder grow into their own, they should find themselves creating quite a stir within the groove metal community. (Bad Reputation)