Glastonbury 2012 Cancelled - Due to Lack of Toilets

Glastonbury 2012 Cancelled - Due to Lack of Toilets
Despite past complaints of crime and terrible weather, England's Glastonbury Festival is a staple of the summer for many British festivalgoers. Music fans will have to make alternate arrangements in 2012, however, as the festival will be taking a year off - partly due to a toilet shortage.

In an interview with Mail on Sunday [via Spinner], festival founder Michael Eavis said that the London Summer Olympics meant that there would be a shortage of portable toilets that summer. "We realized early on that it was going to be a big problem. We have our own stock of portable toilets but we always need more," Eavis said. "We shop around with four companies to get the best price, but we are not bothering for 2012. There will be a huge demand for [portable] toilets in London, so every­one will push up their prices and I can see it getting very expensive."

The festival typically takes place in June, while the Olympics won't be starting until July 27. Still, apparently this doesn't make a difference when it comes to booking portable toilets.

The Olympics will also mean that police officers and security will be in short supply. Eavis added, "We were told that there will not be enough police to cover the festival in 2012 as they will all be in London."

This isn't the first time that Galstonbury has been put on hold for a year. Most recently, the festival took a break in 2006, instead releasing the DVD Glastonbury. There's no word on the status of other annual British summer festivals in 2012, such as T in the Park and V Festival.