Girlfriend Material Explore the Banality of Breaking Up on "First of the Month"

The song comes from the ​Tokyo Police Club/Hollerado offshoot's upcoming album 'Cool Car'
Girlfriend Material Explore the Banality of Breaking Up on 'First of the Month'
Girlfriend Material bring together members of Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado, and the band have just unveiled another teaser track from their forthcoming full-length Cool Car.
"First of the Month" follows previously shared tunes "Peace Sign," "Stay in Touch" and "Okay Okay," and it takes a look at breakups through a logistical lens, rather than an emotional one.

Speaking of the song, the band's Graham Wright tells Exclaim! the following:
I was walking around at the end of some month while everybody was moving (a million forsaken couches on a million curbs and whatnot) and I got to thinking about how, on top of all the other stuff, breaking up is just such a logistical nightmare. Especially in a city where nobody can afford rent and finding apartments is impossible.
And it amuses me how, even though it's coloured with all sorts of high drama, the aftermath of a break up is essentially a mundane process of packing up plates and awkwardly arranging, like, the return of keys Sometimes you have to do paperwork, I guess, which is yet another breathtaking way we've managed to get society just precisely wrong. Anyway, if you're nursing a shattered heart and putting your shit in boxes at this end of the month, I feel you. I can't promise it'll get better, but it will definitely get funny.

Commiserate along with Girlfriend Material's lyric video for "First of the Month" below.
Cool Car is out July 12 via Dine Alone.