Giorgio Moroder Sets Out to "Recreate Studio 54" in New Las Vegas Show

Giorgio Moroder Sets Out to 'Recreate Studio 54' in New Las Vegas Show
Legendary European producer and Daft Punk collaborator Giorgio Moroder has had a big year, but it's not over yet. Instead, he's spending the last part of 2013 working on a new Las Vegas show.

Speaking with the Guardian, Moroder revealed that he's been working with a management company on something called "An Evening with Moroder." The event will see him set out to recreate the atmosphere of legendary disco club Studio 54.

While it's unclear exactly where and when the show is set to debut, Moroder explained that it'll likely be ready "in a few months."

Here's his full statement about the event:

I would do the DJing, but maybe before me we have another famous DJ, maybe somebody after. We of course have a ball, dancers in a cage: recreate Studio 54, and have it in Vegas, Macau, London...

Of course I wouldn't just use my own songs—there are so many great disco songs, Chic and all those guys—and I would do probably an hour and a half. We're thinking of starting first in Vegas [but] it will probably be a bit like Blue Man Group—they have a franchise. We might even talk to the Cirque Du Soleil team.

I would be playing, and then maybe later on if we had a franchise I would do one a week, or a month, and then a famous DJ would take over. And now you have so many great DJs that I don't think there would be any problem finding the right one.