Gilby Clarke Gilby Clarke

What possibly justifies a compilation of guitarist/singer Gilby Clarke’s "best work” could very well be yet another "wonder of the world.” The former Guns n’ Roses axe man hasn’t exactly had a hit with any of the three albums bearing his name released in the past decade and this eponymous collection is nothing but proof of that very point. Plain and listless, the lack of presence on the 14 tracks here is almost shocking. There’s an inescapable air that technical ability overrides emotion in the songwriting, which is nothing more than over-produced cock rock, relegating the overall essence one where it seems as if a group of studio musicians deliver predictable, barebones, mid-tempo rock’n’roll without a defined leader. That is, when Clarke isn’t trying to desperately infuse punk-y elements into things, which makes things even worse. Being a part of one of modern rock’s greatest tragedies known as The Spaghetti Incident? does not justify solo efforts or "greatest hits” packages of this magnitude. It’s sad, given that Clarke has proven himself to have an enviable ear, delivering solid production with acts such as the Bronx. Then again, things are always black and white when it comes to the lives of others. (Spitfire)