Ghosts Of Modern Man City of No Light

Playing gritty rock’n’roll that challenges you to categorise it, Ghosts of Modern Man are a band who really make music that sounds bigger than genre names. With elements of Sparta mixed with something less calculated and a little less polished, the band sound like they’ve spent a long time practicing in the basement, honing their songs, and have suddenly found themselves on stage. Now they’re decimating the perfect performance they spent so long working on. Instead the audience is offered a portrait of pure passion framed by excellent songs, but almost more focused on the act of pounding out the music itself than the nature of the actual music. On tracks like "Blood Parade,” the band’s sound is reminiscent of In On The Kill Taker-era Fugazi, while the build up to the album’s closing track "Watch Them Fly” recalls classic emocore artists such as Far. (Smallman)