Ghost Stories Quixoticism

Joining the list of artists with misleading names is Ghost Stories, the moniker adopted by Ron Lewis. Rather than the dark, ethereal music the listener might expect, Quixoticism is jam-packed with jangle-y pop music with a side order of psychedelia, which can come as a bit of a shock. Still, once the initial surprise is gone, there is a lot to like about Quixoticism’s its mix of complex arrangements and simple pop songs that get more addictive with each subsequent listen. Some of the songs date back more than seven years, something that helps to explain the variety in the 11 tracks. Lewis has obviously picked up some tricks during his time playing with the Fruit Bats and Colin Meloy without losing his own identity. Plus, it really helped that the album was home recorded, with Lewis playing pretty much everything, ensuring that the songs aren’t too polished. The results bring together the strangeness of Of Montreal and the pop mentality of the Marlboro Chorus. As debuts go, Quixoticism is both ambitious and a satisfying listen. It’s a pity that it is being released in January because there’s a really good chance it will be forgotten by the end of the year when the "Best Of” lists are being compiled, as it could turn out to be one of those almost undiscovered gems. (Sonic Boom)