Ghost Beach "Miracle" (video)

Ghost Beach 'Miracle' (video)
Having just released their debut album Blonde, Brooklyn pop-scapers Ghost Beach are shedding light on all sorts of specialness with the nature-appreciating visuals for their bubbly new single, "Miracle."

Almost as bright as vocalist Josh Ocean's shock of pink hair and neon tie-dye ensemble are his ecstatically yelped vocals on the cut, not to mention the steady stream of textured landscape and zoo-graphical shots flickering manically onto a green screen. Throughout the vid, we see a skeleton tights-sporting roadie set up the rest of the band with their instruments, most notably handing off a sampler for Ocean to rifle off some faux slap-bass sounds as a long-necked family of giraffes walks by in the background.

You can hear the jumble of pop sounds and melange of visuals down below.

Ghost Beach have a North American tour starting up this week, and it will hit up Canadian venues in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. You'll find the show specifics over here.