GG Love "Leave Your Car" (video)

GG Love 'Leave Your Car' (video)
Montreal trio GG Love released their excellent Lookin Cool EP last year, and now they've revisited the stand-out track "Leave Your Car" and treated it to a new video.

The clip was directed by Slam Dunk singer and rising music vid champ Jordan Minkoff, who you might remember from last year's excellent Arcade Fire mockumentary.

The video he's created here is a sort of normcore fantasy as the band's Georgia Graham dips her hands in a pond while bathing in the golden sunshine. She later meets up with "Dr. Cool" and cruises around, eventually dancing with some empty McDonalds containers.

Things don't stay so sweet, however, as the video soon descends into flaming chaos.

Watch the excellent video for GG Love's "Leave Your Car" below.