GFK If Liberty Isn't Given, It Should Be Taken

As much as I would love to recommend this quite raging disc from Quebec’s GFK, I’m afraid I just can’t. Because as much as the songs are impressive little bits of bile, speedy hardcore with metallic sensibilities come guitar time, the production just sounds horrible. One of the most sterile, separated recordings I’ve heard in a while (and this, after hearing the latest Kataklysm), the sound is wildly inappropriate for such raw, emotional hardcore. So it goes with metal these days, as the GFK guys got Pierre Remillard to master this self-produced beast, thus giving it the full metal treatment. And it’s all the rage in metal to have a production that sucks, so there you have it. I’m still rooting for these guys, though; go see them play live because they’ll tear the walls off, no doubt. But, this kind of underground political hardcore needs to have a recording that has some kind of feeling to come across on the stereo. (G-7 Welcoming Committee)