Get Set for More Headbanging Debauchery: Fubar II Heads into Production

Get Set for More Headbanging Debauchery: <i>Fubar II</i> Heads into Production
Fans of Canada and heavy metal will be floored to learn that production is underway for a film sequel to the mulleted cult classic Fubar.

Entitled Fubar II: Terry and Dean Head North, the new instalment marks the return of every self-respecting Canadian's headbanging heroes, played by comedians Paul Spence and Dave Lawrence. The plot of this one seems to involve the duo's '86 Cutlass Supreme with a flat of beer in the trunk, the northern Alberta town of Fort McMurray and the pursuit of cold, hard cash earned on the oil pipelines. Sounds like a recipe for total, drunken disaster.

According to a press release from the film's distributor, Alliance Films, "The story starts in Calgary where the boys are tired of trying to give'r while barely scraping by, when their old buddy and party leader, Tron (Andrew Sparacino) hooks them up with jobs in Fort McMurray. Before long they are rolling in dough and good times. Flush with money and confidence, Terry starts dating Trish (Terra Hazelton), a local waitress, and things get serious in a hurry. Meanwhile, Dean is playing up the part of the cancer survivor, and upon hearing about the glories of workers' compensation, purposely bungs up his leg in an attempt to qualify. When Terry moves in with Trish, Dean does his best to save his buddy from swapping the banger life for domestic captivity."

Man, we can't help but think this sequel is going to be completely golden.

Production on the film began in Edmonton on November 16 and will continue until mid-December, with some shooting in Fort McMurray. The film is directed by Michael Dowse (Fubar, It's All Gone Pete Tong, The Foundation) and, like the original Fubar, is written and produced by the trio Dowse, Lawrence, and Spence. A release date has not yet been announced.

More information on Fubar II can be found on the film's official website here.

No word if Thor is again on board.