Get Reviews of 'The Wolverine,' 'The To Do List,' 'Fruitvale Station' and More in This Week's Film Roundup

Get Reviews of 'The Wolverine,' 'The To Do List,' 'Fruitvale Station' and More in This Week's Film Roundup
We're only a few days away from the start of August and that means summer blockbuster season is slowly coming to a close. But before this year's best and brightest popcorn flicks leave theatres, why not head over to your local cinema and see one of this week's newest features? To help you on your way, we've taken a look at some of the films hitting theatres this weekend, but don't forget to head on over to our Recently Reviewed section to get reviews on even more new releases.

Starting things off is The Wolverine (pictured), the Hugh Jackman-starring action adventure based upon the popular X-Men trilogy. Continuing where X-Men 3: The Last Stand left off, the sixth instalment of the franchise finds Canada's favourite mutant battling through Japan in this modern day samurai story arc. But is this second Wolvie-starring feature able to surpass what came before it in the stellar superhero series? Click to find out.

Next, mumblecore it-girl Aubrey Plaza reimagines Pretty in Pink for the Generation Y crowd in the supremely raunchy coming-of-age comedy The To Do List, which, according to our reviewer, "manages to entertain and generate laughs throughout, ensuring that even the minor life lessons that pop up towards the end are peppered with sarcasm and idiosyncrasy."

After that, directorial newcomer Ryan Coogler delivers gritty, in-the-moment chaos in real life drama Fruitvale Station, while Michael Cera stars in the hilariously incisive American youth critique Crystal Fairy.

Finally, director BJ McDonnell hearkens back to the days of sequel-obsessed horror films in the throwback slasher flick Hatchet III. But cartoonish gore and campy one-liners aside, is there enough tension to keep longtime fans of the franchise interested? Read on and see.

Of course, those aren't all the movies in theatres this week. Check out our Recently Reviewed section for reviews on even more new films.