Get Reviews of 'Monsters University,' 'World War Z,' 'Frances Ha' and More in This Week's Film Roundup

Get Reviews of 'Monsters University,' 'World War Z,' 'Frances Ha' and More in This Week's Film Roundup
For many students, this week marks the end of the school year and beginning of summer vacation. But whether you're a collegiate-bound kid or aging manchild, find your inner youth this weekend by spending it at your local theatre. We've taken a look at some of the new films hitting theatres this week below, but don't forget to head on over to our Recently Reviewed section to read reviews on all of this week's new ones.

First on the chopping block is Monsters University (pictured), the long-awaited prequel to the popular animated feature Monsters, Inc. Considering Pixar's track record of late, can the franchise follow-up retain the same kind of magic inherent in the company's earlier work? Read on to find out.

Next up is World War Z, the silver screen adaptation to the well-known apocalyptic novel of the same name by Max Brooks. Brad Pitt stars in the newest addition to the zombie/disaster canon, but even he can't save the film from a boring and predictable conclusion.

Indie "it girl" Greta Gerwig shines effervescently in the weirdly optimistic coming-of-age dramedy Frances Ha, while director Sofia Coppola delivers her most accessible film to date with the Emma Watson-starring celebrity heist flick The Bling Ring.

Finally, acclaimed German filmmaker Margarethe von Trotta solidifies her role as the master of biopics with political drama Hannah Arendt. To see whether this intelligent academic thriller about post-Nazi rule able to remain relevant to modern audiences, you'll have to read our review.

Of course, those aren't all the movies in theatres this week. Check out our Recently Reviewed section for reviews on even more new films.