Get the Latest from Timber Timbre, Kim Churchill, Mac DeMarco in Our Music/Video Roundup

Get the Latest from Timber Timbre, Kim Churchill, Mac DeMarco in Our Music/Video Roundup
There's a lot of new music flying at you on a daily basis, so we've picked out a few highlights from last week's batch of new musical treats to catch you up on the latest. Find below our weekly roundup, full of new music for your listening pleasure in the new month.

First off, we have Hot Dreams, the new album from haunting Canadian folk pop outfit Timber Timbre. The record ranges from the slinky waltz of the title track to the chilling horror film sound of the instrumental closer "The Three Sisters," with several songs featuring smooth sax from Colin Stetson.

Next, singer-songwriter Kim Churchill shared his new record, Silence Win. Though the majority of the LP has Churchill leaning more on the mellow, acoustic-driven side, the album opens with the rocking "Single Spark" and several tracks develop into dramatic crescendos.

Pop joker Mac DeMarco also premiered his album, Salad Days, in its entirety. While it maintains the sound that made him such a hit — warped guitars and vocals ranging from low croons to high falsettos — DeMarco explores new territory with songs about insecurities, smooth ballads and vintage keyboards on "Passing Out Pieces" and "Chamber of Reflection."

Folk duo Whitehorse have taken on the French language for their Éphémère sans repère EP. Several of the six tracks have made English debuts on previous releases, so aside from the language change, the record still has the graceful folk rock Whitehorse fans have come to expect.

Finally, Vancouver synth pop group Young Liars have their new EP Night Window set for release at the end of April, but you can get a taste of the record now that the band have released the title track. The song finds the band adding soothing synth lines to their soft rock sound, making for a beautiful arrangement and hopefully one telling of what we can expect from the rest of the EP.

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