Get the Latest from the Strokes, Odd Future, KEN Mode and Code Pie in This Week's Click Hear Roundup

Get the Latest from the Strokes, Odd Future, KEN Mode and Code Pie in This Week's Click Hear Roundup
Canadian Music Week is upon us, and Toronto is buzzing with talks of some great shows by some real heavy hitters and rising stars, both foreign and domestic. However, if you are not lucky enough to be attending, do not despair. There's still a ton of great music filling up the interweb, and our Click Hear roundup has compiled a choice selection of all the latest videos, streams and tracks.

Up first, Montreal pop outfit Code Pie have some Canuck love for teeny-bop sex symbol Justin Bieber, covering his radio hit "Baby." The cover does a superb job turning a made-for-radio pop song into a catchy '50s doo-wop track. For something complete different Odd Future are on everyone's tongue and for good reason. Even though Tyler, the Creator was snapped up by XL and MellowHype by Fat Possum, the peeps at Funny or Die took the opportunity to make a joke out of labels crawling over each other to sign the collective. Of course, hilarity ensues.

Next, the long-awaited and highly anticipated video for Lady Gaga's newest track "Born This Way." The video begins like a '70s sci-fi film, introductory monologue and all, but weirdly turns into something reminiscent of a Paula Abdul '80s dance video. Gaga spends most the video barely clothed, shaking her booty, but it's definitely not the weirdest Gaga video we've seen.

Ever since Pusha T worked with Kanye West on last year's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, anticipation has been building for his solo work. But the multi-faceted MC will keep us waiting a bit longer, remixing Ye's "Lost in the World."

Also, Winnipeg noise-core giants KEN Mode are back in the saddle with a new disc Venerable, set to be released March 15. We got the exclusive on the album track, "Flight of the Echo Hawk," which is in memory of David Kelly from the group Kittens. Finally, the Strokes have been feeding us little pieces of the Angles puzzle for weeks now, and finally another tangible nugget. The NYC pop princes have released the video for their track, "Under the Cover of Darkness," and boy aren't these gents looking handsome, making love to the camera in their Sunday best. The album drops March 22 via RCA.

For many more streams, downloads and videos, head to the always lively Click Hear section.