Get the Latest from Kayo, Drake, Broken Social Scene and More in Our Click Hear Roundup

Get the Latest from Kayo, Drake, Broken Social Scene and More in  Our Click Hear Roundup
It's Monday once again, and although that ushers in another workweek, don't feel down. In the Exclaim! Click Hear section we have some fresh new music videos, downloads and album streams to help you get through your daily grind. Here's a sample of what you'll find there.

First off, pop soul songstress Beyoncé has teamed up with Andre 3000 on her new track "Party." With Kanye West producing the song, the inclusion of sweet synths creates a track as smooth as one would expect from a collaboration between the high-profile artists. Toronto rapper Drake follows suit and drops another track, titled "Marvin's Room," to help tide you over until the release of his sophomore record early next fall.

If you're looking for a more visual distraction, we have a new video from Kayo (pictured). "My Momma Told Me" is the recent offering from the Halifax-based rapper and Classified's protegé. Broken Social Scene have also released another video in support of their most recent album, Forgiveness Rock Record. This time Bijou Phillips stars in the band's production of "Sweetest Kill," but be warned, it has some pretty explicit content.

For fans of the XX, Jamie Smith has released two new solo tracks, "Far Nearer" and "Beat For," which incorporate a more electronic atmosphere than the band's collective compositions. Lastly, for all the punks, Lethbridge, AB label Mammoth Cave Recording Co. has assembled various artists for their Bloodstains Across Ontario compilation. Featuring new music from Young Governor, White Wires and many more, you can stream the entire record, as well as pre-order yourself a fancy seven-inch.

Be sure to check out these streams, downloads and videos, as well as many more, in our Click Hear section.