Get into the Long Weekend with <i>Clash of the Titans</i>, <i>Max Manus</i> and <i>Women Without Men</i> in This Week's Film Round-Up

BY Jessicka Lee LoducaPublished Apr 2, 2010

With the long-weekend in motion, you're sure to have some time to take in a flick. So why not read through some of our latest film reviews in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section to discover what's good in theatres this week?

First up, we have long-awaited remake of Clash of the Titans, directed by Louis Leterrier. However, the 3D mythological flick may not have been worth the wait. According to our reviewer, "the 3D effects fall flat and often detract from the on screen action, drawing attention to the CGI monsters' videogame-like qualities."

Then there is Frederick Wiseman's La Dance: The Paris Ballet Opera, which devotes itself entirely to following the production of several ballets by the Paris Ballet.

Biographic war film Max Manus is also out in theatres this weekend. Directed by Espen Sandbergand & Joachim Roenning, the Norwegian film is based on real life events of resistance fighter Max Manus.

And finally, the CIA-backed coup d'état film, Women Without Men, follows the lives of four Iranian women in 1953 as they find solace in a magical orchard garden without men. It also marks the directorial debut by visual artist Shirin Neshat.

For all these movie reviews and more, be sure to head over to the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section in order to help guide your decision.

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