George Clinton Says Toronto "Had the Best Weed Around" in the '90s

George Clinton Says Toronto 'Had the Best Weed Around' in the '90s
In a career spanning over 50 years, George Clinton has undoubtedly seen some funked-up stuff. Today, listeners got to ask him all kinds of questions during a Reddit AMA, and the Parliament-Funkadelic bandleader had some fond, though perhaps hazy, memories of Toronto.

Reddit user ACCBiggz asked Clinton about his time on the set of 1994 comedy PCU, which was shot almost entirely in and around the campus of the University of Toronto. As Clinton recalled, "Everybody on the set was fucked up. Toronto had the best weed around. Fuck the beer."

The film, directed by Hart Bochner, featured Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic performing at a university party. Taking the filming location into consideration, we're willing to be Clinton and company were served only the finest suds that our country's biggest brewers had to offer at the campus bar.

Clinton last hinted about working alongside Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus on new material back in 2016.