Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury's 'Ex Machina' Soundtrack Set for Release on Invada

Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury's 'Ex Machina' Soundtrack Set for Release on Invada
We're still not sure when or if we'll ever hear the endlessly promised new album from Portishead, but the band members aren't just twiddling their thumbs. A previously reported, the group's Geoff Barrow scored the upcoming sci-fi thriller Ex Machina, and now we know that the soundtrack will come out through Invada Records/Universal Music.

The soundtrack's release date hasn't yet been set in stone, but the film is due to premiere in UK cinemas on January 21 and in North America on April 10. It's co-credited to Barrow and his Drokk bandmate Ben Salisbury.

Universal will release the soundtrack digitally, while Invada will be handling the vinyl and CD versions. These physical pressings will come with a bonus disc of additional material not included on the digital album.

In a statement [via FACT], Salisbury explained that, unlike many soundtracks, this will be a proper album.

He said, "We wanted to slightly get away from the type of soundtrack album that is just a direct copy of the film's score — often leading to a huge tracklist with lots of short cues. Instead, we've tried to put together an album of fuller length tracks and a structure that mirrors the film in some way. Saying that, all our music from the film is in there somewhere."

There will be 10 songs.

Below, watch a trailer for the film. It includes clips of the spooky electronic score.

Ex Machina is written and directed by Alex Garland, who previously wrote Dredd (a 2012 film that Barrow and Salisbury wrote music for, although their contributions went unused), as well as The Beach and 28 Days Later. It's about a man participating in an artificial intelligence experiment involving a female robot.