Genderdog "Bad Dream Lady" (video)

Genderdog 'Bad Dream Lady' (video)
Vancouver's Genderdog are celebrating their new cassette on Hockey Dad Records with gusto. Later on tonight (May 1), they'll be playing a release party in town, but you can catch up with the act ahead of time in the cozy video for the tape's "Bad Dream Lady."

As you'll discover, it's a stop-motion clip suggesting that the titular "Bad Dream Lady" may be having affect on Genderdog's sleeping patterns. Watch them as they toss and turn beneath the covers and an ever-evolving backdrop, and battle it out to see who gets the most pillow space.

The ultra brief examination, scored by the band's rag-tag post-punk chops and directed by Chandra Melting Tallow, can be peeped down below.

Genderdog's release show for the just-released Neurosis Party cassette takes place tonight at Vancouver's Avenue Upstairs.