Gazelle In Flight

Montreal duo Cheryl Sim and Peter Soumalias have distilled elements of acid jazz, drum & bass and hip-hop into a tasteful sound they call "future lounge," for the previously released In Flight, which has been revamped with the addition of new tracks. Gazelle's eclectic sound is genuine and infectious. Drum & bass-inflected flourishes to tracks like "Danäe's Rain" show an understanding that discounts late bandwagon jumping and affirms an unrelenting attention to intricacy. Sim's entrancing vocal presence comfortably rides over the warm electronic beats and tight live instrumentation ranging from the lilting "Revelles-Moi," rendered en francais, to "Exotic," where she resists stereotypes and a submissive role. The assertive streak of "Exotic" is furthered on its remix, which transforms the track into a bonafide floor stomper for the album's triumphant close. (FDP)