Gavin Russom Preps Black Meteoric Star Twelve-Inch, Introduces Guitar-Heavy Project

Gavin Russom Preps Black Meteoric Star Twelve-Inch, Introduces Guitar-Heavy Project
Since the 2005 synth odyssey The Days of Mars, we've barely heard a blip or bleep out of DFA's Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom, who stand as perhaps the label's most under-appreciated act. And while the duo still haven't given any word of a proper album follow-up, Russom is branching out on his own and, if all goes well, should have some new releases out later this year.

According to Fact Magazine, Russom is gearing up to release his first twelve-inch as Black Meteoric Star, his new acid house-flavoured solo project, sometime this spring, and he's also apparently setting aside the synths for some more guitar-led fare, which may be released before the year's end.

Here's what Fact quotes Russom as saying about his more troubadour mode: "In 1993, I dropped out of art school, moved back in with my parents and produced three home tapes of music. I used mostly guitar (my father's 1950 Gibson hollow body), a Radio Shack reverb box and a Sony TC series reel-to-reel. The tapes were sprawling - songs dissolving into long stretches of drone and repetitive raga-inspired improvisation. The natural delay from the reel-to-reel created rhythms and waves that were like standing in the middle of a two-lane highway while traffic sped past in both directions, at night.

"I called the project 'Child' and unceremoniously abandoned it when I moved out and on to study composition and then discovered analog synthesizers. For my 33rd birthday, my father gave me the guitar as a gift. I started to rediscover the songs as I remembered them and to rework them, adding first new parts and then new songs and ultimately, immersing myself in the process of flowing between song and instrumental improvisation.

"As I worked on the Black Meteoric Star project, which I'll premiere in New York next month, I also began an album of this guitar-based music, adding what I'd learned in the meantime to the sound."

Unfortunately, Russom didn't give any indication of when we could expect a more guitar-oriented album or exactly when that Black Meteoric Star release would be heading or way. However, over on his MySpace page, you can currently check out B.M.S.'s "World Eater" and a six-string-loaded track called "Lady Lazarus," which definitely finds Russom venturing off into some very dark doom folk territory.