Gas Huffer The Rest Of Us

I’ve never really been big on Gas Huffer’s vaguely rockabilly/pop-punk sound, and The Rest of Us, their first full length on Estrus, continues this long-running relationship. They just keep on makin’ records and I keep on not really liking them. Dysfunctional, yes, but it seems to work for both parties. The bargain basement cover artwork seems to suggest that they’re back in the "indie trenches" after their foray into the big-time punk rock world of Epitaph Records, yet the record sounds just as polished as the last few. Maybe it’s a West Coast thing (where these guys are revered the most), but songs like "Dig That Do That" and "Aldedly Blues" just don’t have me reaching for the repeat button on the ol’ Hi-Fi. Don’t ever change Gas Huffer; I’m sure there’s someone out there who can love you better than me. (Estrus)