Gary Flanagan Anthems For The Young At Heart

New Brunswick native Gary Flanagan has obviously heard quite a few Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark albums in his time. (And Depeche Mode, and Sparks.) He's taken all those synth-pop influences and produced some pretty damned authentic synth-pop of his own. Anthems For The Young At Heart has nine songs (and one remix) that have all the requisite clichés - driving beats, catchy tunes, monotone vocals and an unhealthy obsession with dancing. Flanagan has one foot stuck in the '80s with the other in his home studio, which must be packed to the gills with the kind of vintage synthesisers. Call it nostalgia, call it an unwillingness to keep up with music's inevitable evolution, but Anthems For The Young At Heart does exactly what it sets out to do - it's an album that could quite easily have come out at any time during the past 20 years. Fans of '80s music will embrace it heartily while everyone else will roll their eyes and ask why? (9thwave)