Gang Ranch 'Rookie Demo' (stream)

Gang Ranch 'Rookie Demo' (stream)
Woolworm singer/guitarist Giles Roy has been exploring his sonic options lately. After skipping the "blanket rock" in favour of metal textures on the band's Vampirism EP, he's now unveiled a more country-flavoured project called Gang Ranch. Their debut demo is streaming now.

Comprising Roy and Grace Lisa Scott of Toronto's Pavilion, the pair specialize in decidedly low-key western strummers, this despite one of the tracks actually being called "I Oughta Kill You."

Tunes like "Always Lose" and "Truth" are built on a bed of acoustic strums and reverberated six-string leads. Scott generally unfurls velvet plumes of vocal work in the foreground, but Roy takes the lead on "I Oughta Kill You."

"Complicated Man," meanwhile, attempts to communicate a character portrait of someone trying to do "the best they can."

You can check out the new project's suitably-titled Rookie Demo down below.