Gallygows Give It To Her

With an ever-expanding roster of quality pop bands, Rainbow Quartz is turning into a label to be reckoned with, and that streak of good fortune looks set to continue with Spain's Gallygows. Give It To Her is the band's first North American release and it should be no real surprise that the Posies' Jon Auer produces the majority of the album, because that band has been an obvious influence on the Spaniards, along with the likes of Teenage Fanclub and other like-minded guitar bands. That translates into well-produced, soaring guitars, layer upon layer of vocal harmonies and driving melodies that will stay in your head long after the album stops spinning. With four songwriters all taking turns on vocal duties, Give It To Her has a more eclectic feel than a lot of other albums, keeping it fresh and interesting. And while the songs scribed by the Hernandez brothers seems to be the strongest, there's nobody involved that should feel guilty about what they did. Give It To Her does have its finer moments, but you can't help but think that the band's most memorable work has yet to be recorded. When they do find their feet though, you'd be well advised to listen. (Rainbow Quartz)