"Always On Stage” explodes as the first track on this record, Alabama natives Gainer’s debut full-length. This frantically energetic opener, with it’s heartfelt chorus of "What’s wrong/with having nothing to say?,” establishes Gainer as a unique breed in the genre of emotional rock. A slightly more punk rock version of Small Brown Bike mixed with Hot Water Music’s driving intensity, the songs offered up by this album are dark and poppy in nature, while maintaining real rock energy. The band’s two guitarists play off each other to great effect, building up the tension in a song before unloading a dual attack of harmonies both pleasing and discordant. Having evolved from the fast punk rock they performed under their old moniker, the Angry Housewives, the name change and accompanying musical shift have certainly been for the better. From the Iron Maiden-influenced guitar work on "Trying To Paint A House That’s On Fire” to the speedy old-school sound of "It’s Already Been Brang!” You Say It Like It’s A Bad Thing… shows a band interested in doing things their own way, and succeeding.