G3NESIS "Yes Daddy" (video)

G3NESIS 'Yes Daddy' (video)
Vancouver rapper Genesis Mohanraj previously spit lascivious lines with conceptual art-house crew Juice, but the band's break-up last summer has brought her rhymes over to a new project called G3NESIS. The duo, which also features Kelin Kardal, have just posted their video for debut single "Yes Daddy."

The Kevan Funk-directed clip finds the pair walking around VanCity's finest carpeting establishments and empty Petro-Can gas stations, and sharing/spilling some Red Racer at a local park.

Lyrically, Mohanraj works her way around the twinkly, ultra lo-fi keyboard melody with tongue-twisting fast raps cautioning daddy not to go to bed with the babysitter, while Kardal mumbles out the hook with a winking faux-innocence.

G3NESIS also premiered a track called "I Know What Boys Like" and a couple of bite-sized hooks over on their Soundcloud page.

G3NESIS - Yes Daddy from Everything All At Once on Vimeo.