G-Eazy 'The Beautiful & Damned' (album stream)

G-Eazy 'The Beautiful & Damned' (album stream)
Following a series of both audio and video teasers, G-Eazy is here to officially present his The Beautiful & Damned. As such, you can stream the album in full now.

Along with G-Eazy himself, the album comes boasting a few special guest spots, including A$AP Rocky, Cardi B,  Kehlani, E-40, Charlie Puth and Anna of the North. It also includes Halsey, with the singer appearing in G-Eazy's new video for their Him & I.

As previously reported, The Beautiful & Damned is being presented as a double album that conveys the two different sides of G-Eazy/Gerald.

A press release explained the project like this:

Originally Gerald saw limitations in his life so he created G-Eazy as a way to make it past those and live how he thought he wanted to live and become that rockstar he thought he wanted to be. The problematic pattern that has come from the rise of this star is that G-Eazy lives a constant dark cliché of addiction and over-indulgence in his favourite vices that surround him each night in the lifestyle in which he's found himself. Heavy handed in reference to F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel of the same name, 'The Beautiful and Damned' shows us hung-over Gerald left having to clean up reckless G's aftermath on a daily basis.

The duelling narrative he conveys is as desperate, humble, and confessional as it is brazen, celebratory, and loud in its own hubris. He is in the middle of a very serious conflict with his alter ego and he has genuine concern as well as thoughts about how to get back to who he is as person.

This album and film is about the duality of these two characters who wrestle inside of him, and the beginning of that communication and process on how to preserve his true self.

The Beautiful & Damned is out now via BPG/RVG/RCA Records, both as a double album and film. Stream the audio component for yourself below.