Future Islands Scene De La Montagne, Montreal QC, August 2

Future Islands Scene De La Montagne, Montreal QC, August 2
Photo: Steve Gerrard
Father John Misty's set wound up going overtime, but that didn't stop Future Islands from making the best of their shortened time. "We don't have a lot of time, so I'm gonna shut the fuck up," said vocalist Samuel T. Herring as he began to introduce "A Dream Of You And Me." As always, Herring's death metal growls and weird dance moves got everyone riled up, a sight that made the eccentric frontman juke and jive harder than ever before.
A few songs in, Herring introduced new song "The Chase," a grooved-out jam with murky bass lines punctuated by a sweet surge of synth swells and epic crashes. "It's gonna be alright, guys!" Herring exclaimed after the new song received a huge ovation from the crowd. By the end of their epic hit "Seasons Change (Waiting On You)," all four Future Islands members were drenched in sweat, exhausted and elated by the outpour of love from their adoring fans.
Herring felt the spirit during their last song, "Tin Man," a finale that saw him scream "I am a Tin Man!" as he hit the air with a flurry of uppercuts, and threw his sweat soaked body into the audience for one last scream fest.