Fun 100 / The Badamps / The Doers / SIDS Mount Pleasant Community Centre, Vancouver BC - February 3

A diverse crowd of parents and the indie elite huddled outside the Mount Pleasant Community Centre, causing the show to sell out before it started. Of course, with two bands playing their last show ever, such commotion could be expected. Starting things right, Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome pulled out a sloppy-in-a-good-way dance punk set that got butts shaking and mouths smirking fast. The Doers’ set was short, but kept the momentum going with their spirited acoustic punk rock. Soon after they finished, a large crowd gathered for the Badamps’ last ever set. It was charming at first, as their Ramones-flavoured pop punk was performed skilfully. It lasted longer than an hour, however, and they grew extremely tiresome. Meanwhile, the police had been called due to an incident involving a broken window and a hospitalised teen. Because of this, the show was declared "cancelled,” and the microphones were shut off as Fun 100 were about to play. Refusing to end their seven-year run on a bad note, the band protested on stage, waiting for permission to play. The impatient crowd eventually started singing "Hygiene Boy,” a stand-out from their Hit It & Quit album, and the band quickly joined in. This turned into a rowdy four-song set with vocals handled by the crowd. Lead man Ryan Dyck smashed his keytar in the third song, and a promoter unplugged their amps in the fourth. In this tumultuous burst that lasted maybe ten minutes, Fun 100 achieved legendary status among all that attended. Though far from conventional, the explosive nature of their last performance was a perfect cap on their time as a band. Ushered to their cars by the cops, everyone went home glowing.