Full Blown Chaos Heavy Lies The Crown

Lending truth to the ages-old axiom that with age comes wisdom, Full Blown Chaos unleash another intellectually and spiritually furious demon with Heavy Lies The Crown. Riding the razor-sharp line between thrash metal and hardcore, the bulk of songs on this fifth full-length release feature an attitude that’s reflective of fellow New York hardcore purveyors Sick Of It All as influenced by a touch of Seven Seconds and Ensign: positive outcomes do come from negative situations. Songs like "The Hard Goodbye,” "Fail Like A Champ” and "Halos For Heroes” sound like titles for a motivational textbook but due to the blunt trauma of the instrumental work doled out by guitarist Mike Facci, bassist Mike Ruehle and drummer Jeff Facci, one wonders how anyone could survive long enough to see the happy ending. Paced like Reign In Blood but with the thunder of Perseverance, this is one of the heaviest crowns of the year. (Ferret)