Fugazi Launching Massive Live Concert Series This Week

Fugazi Launching Massive Live Concert Series This Week
Photo: Glen E. Friedman
Last year, we learned that indie punk icons Fugazi were prepping a massive online database of concerts to be offered up for download, and we now know the first wave of gigs will be available this Thursday (December 1). The Fugazi Live Series launches via guitarist/vocalist Ian MacKaye's Dischord Records, and eventually hundreds of their performances will be up for grabs for a small fee.

"Our goal is to post a download for every show for which there is a decent recording (over 800), adding new shows monthly," a press release reads. "We can't guarantee that we'll make it to 800 shows but we're certainly going to try. We'll definitely make it worth your investment. In return, your subscription will go a long way towards putting a dent in the costs of producing this Fugazi archive."

The site is running in beta form for Dischord account holders, but by Thursday it will be going full tilt with an initial unveiling of 130 concerts. The official details have yet to be released, but 101 of those shows will be unheard, newly surfaced, mixed and mastered concert performances, while the remaining 29 are culled from the now out-of-print Fugazi Live CD series.

Here's hoping at least one of those shows features the infamous incident captured in band doc Instrument where guitarist/vocalist Guy Picciotto calls out some roughneck for being an "ice cream eating motherfucker."

Keeping in line with the band's preferred ticket price, single concert downloads will cost $5, but an extravagant all-access pass for each concert uploaded on Thursday, as well as every subsequent unveiling, will run you $500. Keep in mind, however, that you are paying for hundreds upon hundreds of Fugazi recording. That's a lot of "Waiting Room."