Fucked Up's Ben Cook Sheds Light on Sonic Youth Diss Track

Fucked Up's Ben Cook Sheds Light on Sonic Youth Diss Track
Okay, so remember early this week, when it appeared that two members of Fucked Up made a song titled "Cranking to Sonic Youth" to hit back at Sonic Youth for calling them "dude core"? Well, it seems there is no real feud between Fucked Up and Sonic Youth after all, just a faux one.

Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook has clarified to Spinner what really happened, explaining that "the majority of Fucked Up are huge Sonic Youth fans and the song we wrote is not about the band at all, it's more of an homage to their fans." However, how the term "cranking" - British slang for somebody is crying and wanking at the same time - can be used in any sort of tribute is a bit beyond us.

Apparently, Cook and Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco were hanging out with Vice photog Ben Rayner at ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas in England last year when, out of sheer boredom, the three went to a hole-in-the-wall karaoke-type recording studio and recorded some off-the-cuff songs about the event. Hence, lyrics like "Cranking to Sonic Youth / Goo in your hand / Goo in your hand."

Eager to dispel any rumours that might arise from the track, which you can listen to here, Cook added that lyrics alluding to thin people who "love art" are not intended to make any judgement on anybody's weight. "Obviously, we're not a fat-aphobic band" Cook explained, "because [front-man] Damian Abraham is a 300 pound walrus-beast of a man."

But the real beef-dispeller here is the fact that the bands actually spoke to each other following the initial "dude core" incident, and there was no bad blood apparently.

According to Cook, "Kim Gordon came and wished us well before we played [our ATP set] and Damian actually asked her before we went on, 'What's with you guys calling us dude core?' She was like, 'Oh, it was just a joke. We love you guys,' so there's definitely no beef."