Fucked Up Teaming Up with Public Enemy for Tour and Possible Collaboration

Fucked Up Teaming Up with Public Enemy for Tour and Possible Collaboration
Toronto, ON indie hardcore sextet Fucked Up wake up every morning and do something newsworthy. It's at the point where we could dedicate our entire news section to the band. When they're not collaborating with the GZA or a whole bunch of indie celebrities, they're beefing with Sonic Youth and Stars. Having just completed a cross-Canada tour, you'd think they'd be ready to settle down and record their third album (which is a musical, by the way). Instead, the band have announced that they'll spend the fall working alongside hip-hop legends Public Enemy.

While details are slim, front-man Damian "Pink Eyes" Abraham recently leaked the info that a tour and possible collaboration are in the works.

"When festival season is over we're gonna do one more crazy tour with Public Enemy," he told Edmonton, AB's Vue Weekly. "Their management reached out to us and then Chuck D. reached out to us and said he enjoyed the band and would like to do some stuff with us, and it just went from there. Now we're trying to work out the details of doing some shows together on the East coast of the United States and maybe working on some sort of collaboration in the near future. It still seems so unreal that I don't want to talk about it too much and jinx it."

The dates have not been pegged as of yet, but Abraham says the tour will likely take place in September. Fucked Up will then record their third album, tentatively called David Comes to Life, in October.

In related news, the band recently announced on their blog that the long-awaited Year of the Ox twelve-inch will be released via Merge Records sometime this year. Stay tuned for more details and likely some even crazier adventures from the world of Fucked Up.