Fucked Up Start Blog War, Prep New Singles and Mixtape

Fucked Up Start Blog War, Prep New Singles and Mixtape
Being in a dangerous hardcore band means an unhealthy dose of infighting, controversy and general dysfunction. Just ask Fucked Up. When they're not on the verge of killing each other, which has actually almost happened, according to last year's Exclaim! cover story , they're slowly but surely driving each other nuts on tour.

Always one to air his dirty laundry, lead singer Damian "Pink Eyes" Abraham has launched a new Fucked Up blog called Voice of Dissent: An Alternative Perspective To Life In Fucked Up. The site serves to offer Damian's perspectives on the band, as opposed to those offered by guitarist Mike Haliechuk's Looking For Gold blog. Abraham calls this site "the CNN to lookingforgold's Fox. The main difference will be in what is covered here, i.e., NO TECHNO." The beef is already flying, as Haliechuk beat Abraham in posting the YouTube clip of Abraham's Fox News interview, which aired earlier this week. Abraham responded with a blog titled "Seriously, fuck Mike!!!" and called him a "douche."

Still, the band seem to work best when they're on the verge of violence, as they've announced a bevy of new releases due in the next little while. First off is the long-awaited Year of the Rat twelve-inch, which follows the pattern of previous years, in that it contains much longer, more ambitious material. Second up is the single for subdued ChemCon rager "No Epiphany." The seven-inch single coming fromMatador any minute will feature No Age covering the track on the B-side. Both records are due some time this spring. The band have also released a brand new mixtape with a super-hilarious cover (see above photo).

Finally, the Torontoians were recently featured in the inaugural episode of A > D > D, a show on Pitchfork.TV that features a VHS-quality video of a band recording into a four-track off the floor. Performances of "Son The Father," "Twice Born" and "Black Albino Bones" can be viewed here.

Damian from Fucked Up on Fox News