Fucked Up Share Early CIUT Recordings

Fucked Up Share Early CIUT Recordings
As any fan of Toronto, ON hardcore monsters Fucked Up knows, the band's blog is a fun place to dig through. When they're not lashing out at each other, they offer insightful tour diaries and often make unique mixes for free download. Now, they've pulled a Metallica and released some early recordings from their formative years.

In a blog post on the band's site, guitarist Mike Haliechuk unveiled nine Fucked Up songs recorded at Toronto's CIUT studios in 2001. Six of the tracks never made it onto any proper Fucked Up albums, and the ones that did changed so much that they were renamed and given new lyrics.

The nine songs can be downloaded here, but when you listen it would be a good idea to read along with Haliechuk's post. Not only does he reveal that front-man Damian Abraham had only been in the band for about a week and improvised many of the lyrics, but he also gives a detailed, track-by-track analysis of the recording.

Fucked Up live at CIUT:

1. "The Lurking Fear"
2. "Circling the Drain"
3. "Following"
4. "Nervous Breakdown"
5. "Quick"
6. "Land of Nod"
7. "Piece By Piece"
8. "Sirens"
9. "The Achilles List"