Fucked Up Re-Release Year of the Pig A Few Different Ways

Fucked Up Re-Release <i>Year of the Pig</i> A Few Different Ways
It was only last week when Fucked Up dished out the details on their new full-length, The Chemistry of Common Life, as well as their new label, Matador. But already the music industry mischief-makers have some more news for us: via the Toronto band’s new Matador home they are re-issuing their Robert Pickton-inspired single, Year of the Pig. Yeah, Pickton, the B.C. pig farmer/convicted serial killer.

The twelve-inch first saw the light of day last year on What’s Your Rupture?, but now on July 22 Matador is doing a re-release, and not just one re-release but five.

The first version will come as a twelve-inch and contain the original "Year of the Pig” cut in its 18-minute hardcore entirety, along with the flipside "The Black Hats.” Three re-issues will come as seven-inches, with each featuring a new edit of "Year of the Pig,” as well as a new unreleased track. (Strangely enough, the UK version finds the Toronto punkers taking on the twee pop classic "Anorak City” by Sarah Records darlings Another Sunny Day). Also, the seven-inches will each come sporting a different sleeve and be released in the U.S., UK and Japan, respectively. And finally the last re-release will come as one convenient CD-EP, which will include all the tracks featured on the vinyl singles.

As you may remember, "Year of the Pig” is the second in a series of songs based on the Chinese zodiac, with the Fucked Up’s theme being "exploitation and violence against women, using prostitution as a main symbol.” Back when the original single was released and followed by a companion concert, Fucked Up generated $4,000 for a prostitution rights charity in Toronto.

Here are the tracklisitings for the "Year of the Pig” singles, followed by Fucked Up’s upcoming tour dates.

1. "Year of the Pig”
2. "The Black Hats”

Seven-inch (U.S.)
1. "Year of the Pig” (U.S. Edit)
2. "Mustaa Lunta” (new track)

Seven-inch (UK)
1. "Year of the Pig (UK Edit)
2. "Anorak City” (Another Sunny Day cover)

Seven-inch (Japan)
1. "Year of the Pig” (Japanese Edit)
2. "For My Friends” (new track)

All of the above.

Fucked Up Tour Dates:
6/27 Calgary AB, Vern’s (1 a.m. start time)
6/28 Calgary AB, Royal Canadian Legion #1 (1 a.m. start time)
6/29 Calgary AB, Palomino Smokehouse (1 p.m. start time)