Fucked Up Detail Third "Long Winter" Event Featuring Buck 65, Maylee Todd, Katie Stelmanis

Fucked Up Detail Third 'Long Winter' Event Featuring Buck 65, Maylee Todd, Katie Stelmanis
From November through February, Canadian hardcore greats Fucked Up are hosting the four-part "Long Winter" series in Toronto. These monthly events feature musical performances, plus artists from a number of different disciplines. Now, the band have detailed the third instalment in the series.

The third night of Long Winter takes place on January 11 at the Great Hall in Toronto. Admission for this all-ages event is pay-what-you-can, and music comes courtesy of Buck 65, Maloo (aka Maylee Todd solo), Moon King, Picastro, Vag Halen, S.H.I.T. and Light Fires.

Katie Stelmanis of Austra is also included, but she's listed on the non-music part of the bill and will be presenting something called "Magic Moments." On top of the art and music, the program includes videogames, video installations, food and more.

See the full list of attractions over at Fucked Up's blog. Note that this is only the initial lineup, so more acts may be added.

Past "Long Winter" events have featured Absolutely Free, Dusted, Laura Barrett and Fucked Up themselves. Expect the series to wrap up with a fourth instalment in February.

In other Fucked Up news, the band will be touring Ontario in January. See their live schedule here.