Fucked Up Complete David Comes to Life, Leak Cut Copy's New Record Instead of Theirs

Fucked Up Complete <i>David Comes to Life</i>, Leak Cut Copy's New Record Instead of Theirs
We've been documenting the recording of Fucked Up's third album, David Comes to Life, ever since the band first revealed it to us back in March 2010. We went on to learn about the album's "meta-plot" and "self-referential quirks" and that it was recorded with Sleigh Bells producer Shane Stoneback. Now, we're happy to report that the record is in the bag.

 Highlighting how much technology has changed in the last three years, the band's Mike Haliechuk compared how he received this album from the mastering plant to the band's 2008 effort The Chemistry of Common Life with a statement on the band's blog:

For one, there are no longer such things as "CDR's". In case you are of average age (17) and have no idea what these are -- they were little floppy plastic circular disks that stored music and video games made for PC computers ("personal computers", kind of pre-cursor devices to ipods that were used to download mp3s from sites like "kazaa" and facilitate the playing of such games as "solitaire"). Back in those days when you needed to store and transport large amounts of data (less than 700 megabytes) you would open up a program like "toast" and spend 25 minutes "burning" a CDR - that is, putting the data right onto the physical disk. Then you would put the disc in the "mail" and after 2 or 3 weeks the disc would arrive at some other location on planet earth... Well that's what happened with our last record. It got mastered somewhere in America, and a few weeks later the album-containing disc was delivered to my hand by a Canadian mail-delivery person, and I inserted it into my "cd player" (a device used to listen to music on these cds) and played it until I got bored (about 14 minutes later) at which point I continued to use up the "telephone" "land-line" to search for techno mp3s on "soulseek".

Instead, Haliechuk points out that David was uploaded to him on an FTP server and he was able to listen to it hours after it was mastered. He took the instant gratification a step further, offering up what appeared to be a free download of the album but what is in fact a link to download the new Cut Copy album -- the exact same trick he pulled when Chemistry was complete.

 The trick clearly worked on at least one over-zealous Fucked Up fan, who commented on the band's blog, "I can see that you trolled your fans with a copy of an an album by Cut Copy before, and that link goes to something with Cut Copy in the name, but I'm going to download it anyway to make sure." Six minutes later, the same fan wrote "God damnit."

 Fucked Up's David Comes to Life is tentatively expected for a May release via Matador.