Fucked Up "Year of the Pig"

Fucked Up 'Year of the Pig'
Photo: Aubrey Edwards
Sadly no Polaris Music Prize shortlist nomination for these epic punks, because a victory would have been sweet to read in the headlines and hear anchors mutter on the news. Instead we get this monster of a 12-inch single on New York’s What’s Your Rupture? label, which kick-starts a series of singles the label has planned in the coming months featuring Tyvek, Comet Gain and Think About Life. Following up this year’s "Year of the Dog” single, "Year of the Pig” continues an exploration of the Chinese Zodiac, but a statement from the band reveals there’s more to it. The theme is opposing the "exploitation and violence against women, using prostitution as a main symbol,” they explain. The titular "pig” is in fact a reference to BC animal farmer Robert Pickton who was charged with the grisly murders of 26 prostitutes, though the band claim it "is not attempt to condemn him,” but a statement acknowledging that the public refuses "to properly deal with these issues.” What better outlet than a whopping 18 and a half minute marathon that pushes the hardcore template further into the realm of prog. Beginning with a docile preamble featuring some magnificent organ fidgeting by former Deadly Snakes member Max Danger. The sublime pipes of Jennifer Castle lead in, taking turns with Pink Eyes’ croaky verse, and then the band keep going, breaking into livid fits as they please, and then dropping back into their composed selves, turning the hostility on and off like it’s a light switch. The pacing is extraordinary: Mr. Jo’s drums are hell-bent on fluidity, as the guitars either chug like F-1 engines or fall back into the groove with Danger’s organ. Another testament to their greatness, this is certainly one of their more unhinged and deceptive moments to date.