Fucked Up "Neat Parts"

Fucked Up 'Neat Parts'
As you might have heard, there's this shit-kicking hardcore band from Toronto with a dirty name. People tend to like them, so much so that they want to track down all those hard to find seven inches that the band keeps putting out. Thankfully, for those of us who lack the time and/or money it takes to acquire these gems the band will be releasing a collection of said tracks on matador in January.

Matador is offering up this new/old track of theirs for download over at their blog. The tune, which originally appeared as a B-side to the Triumph of Life seven inch in 2006, is faster than the stuff that appeared on the band's Polaris Prize winning disc, The Chemistry of Common Life, but lacks the bottom end that help make that disc such a hard hitter. Still, it's a pretty great song with Pink Eyes screaming his usual bloody murder all over the place. "Neat Parts" is a nice glimpse into the recent past for those just joining the Fucked Up party.

Download Fucked Up's "Neat Parts" here.