Fucked Up 'Coastal Frequencies' (live video)

Fucked Up 'Coastal Frequencies' (live video)
Toronto punks Fucked Up released their latest LP Glass Boys back in the spring and followed it up with a packed touring schedule.

The band may have recorded a recent Toronto show for an upcoming live album, but we've got you covered in the meantime with video footage of their August 15 show at the Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver.

In the latest instalment of the Exclaim! co-presented live video series Coastal Frequencies, you can check out behind-the-scenes and onstage clips of Fucked Up as they perform "David Comes to Life," "The Other Shoe" and "Echo Boomer."

Frontman Damian Abraham is unsurprisingly shirtless for the duration of the performance, which the riotous crowd seems to approve of. Give the newest episode a watch below.

Coastal Frequencies is also presented in partnership with Become the Media and Prairie Coast Films.