Fuck the Facts Return with 'Desire Will Rot' LP, Premiere Split with Fistfuck

Fuck the Facts Return with 'Desire Will Rot' LP, Premiere Split with Fistfuck
Last year, Fuck the Facts hinted that a new album release would be landing sometime in 2015 following the release of their Abandoned EP and a long-promised split release with Fistfuck. With the former having landed last fall and the latter dropping tomorrow (May 12), the Canadian grindcore unit have now unveiled details behind their next album. Titled Desire Will Rot, it lands August 25 through their own Noise Salvation imprint.

The band's first full-length assault since 2011's Die Miserable was recorded and mixed at the act's own Apartment 2 recording studio. Samples have yet to be unleashed, but guitarist Topon Das had this to say in a statement to Exclaim!:

Even though we've been consistently releasing new music over the past few years, we haven't put out a full-length album since 2011's Die Miserable. I love the EPs that we've released since then, but this album is long overdue and was initially intended to come out much earlier.

Our 2013 EP Amer is actually the B-sides of Desire Will Rot, and the original plan was for them to be released together (like we did with Die Miserable and the Misery EP). Over the past 12 months we've only played a handful of shows, and this has finally allowed us the time to not only complete this new album, but also our Abandoned EP that came out in October last year, and the split with Fistfuck, which has just been released.

Obviously some similarities to the Amer EP are to be expected on this new record, but I think Desire Will Rot is also very similar to our 2008 album Disgorge Mexico in sound and feel. For me, Disgorge Mexico is the album that really defined what I wanted to do with Fuck the Facts, so to finally have a record that I feel has matched that, is something I'm very excited about.

You'll find the tracklisting to Desire Will Rot down below, while the ghoulish album art can be seen up above. You can also pre-order it here at Fuck the Facts' website. 

As for Fuck the Facts' split with Fistfuck, it arrives tomorrow on 10-inch vinyl, as well as digitally, through Noise Salvation label and PRC Music. You can stream both bands' material down below in a devastating, exclusive stream for Exclaim! and order the release on vinyl or digitally here.

Desire Will Rot:

1. Everywhere Yet Nowhere
2. Shadows Collide
3. The Path of Most Resistance
4. La Mort I
5. La Mort II
6. Prey
7. Storm of Silence
8. Solitude
9. False Hope
10. Circle
11. Nothing Changes