FU Love I Love

Members of Generation Pitchfork may be under the impression that Japan only produces sludgy experimental rock or wispy electro pop. This may be why Love I Love, the third LP from FU, comes off as such an oddity. From the sterling slowcore openings of "On No Words" to the lullaby orchestra musings of "Nemulu Hoshi No Youni" and the larger-than-life arena rock of album closer "Children of Love," FU run the gamut of Westernized modern rock, finding a proverbial connection with the listener even when vocalist Ubi Quitous howls and yowls in a language they can't understand. With help from Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn (Chris Whitley, Iggy Pop, Lisa Germano), FU craft a lustrous, epic, major label-worthy record that's just as grand as it is unfamiliar. But mostly, Love I Love comes off as a Japanese version of Muse, which may be a lazy, simplistic and reductionist comparison, but this may exactly be what FU were looking for. (Izigen)